Must-Try Nail Art Styles This Year

Must-Try Nail Art Styles This Year

Nail art is taking the beauty world by storm! No longer just an accent nail, today's nail designs make a true fashion statement. From chic chrome to abstract art and minimalist styles, nail art lets you showcase your personality at your fingertips. If you're looking to upgrade your manicure in Devonshire, Bermuda, Maxilous Salon has nail artists have all the hottest trends ready for you.

After years of neutral nails, people are ready to have fun with unique nail designs. Nail art is an affordable way to add stylish flair to your look. The variety of trends means you can pick a design that fits your taste. For some, nail art is about making a bold fashion statement. For others, it's self-care and enjoying the artistic process. Either way, express yourself with trendy nail art from talented Devonshire salon technicians.

Top Nail Art Trends:

Chrome - Mirror-like chrome nails are mesmerizing. This galactic trend uses silver, gold, and holographic overlays on nails. It's futuristic glam perfect for a night out.

Abstract Art - Go for bold and artistic with abstract shapes, lines, and colors. Think Picasso on your nails. This artsy trend is fun and eye-catching.

Minimalist - Simple doesn't mean boring. Minimalist nail art focuses on elegant negative space and clean lines for a modern manicure. Less is more with this refined trend.

Marble - Make a marbled onyx, jade, or pink agate stone statement. Dimensional marble nail art looks expensive and luxe.

Florals - From subtle to standout, floral nail art blooms this season. Vibrant flowers and gardens spruce up your tips.

DIY nail art can be tricky. Leave it to the professionals at Devonshire's top salons. Their nail artists are highly trained in the latest trends and techniques. They use top quality polish, tools, and embellishments. Salon nail art lasts longer without chipping and damage. Get picture-perfect results without the hassle. Salons offer a relaxing, pampering experience as you get your nail art applied. You'll leave looking and feeling fabulous!

Ready to give these dazzling nail art trends a try? Book your next appointment at Maxilous Salon in Devonshire, Bermuda. Our talented nail artists stay on top of the latest styles and can't wait to give you showstopping nails. Pamper yourself with a salon manicure and let your inner artist shine through. Your new wearable art will have you walking out the door with confidence. Contact us today to schedule your nail art session and unlock a whole new level of style!